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With a deep understanding of the local history, traditions and art, ASK visits focus on the heritage and cultural treats the region has to offer.

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ASK’s blueprint is an off road exploration with immersive visits to provide an engaging experience and discover hidden gems.

Anne Sophie Kramer

When I take my clients on a tour, I dont only showcase the landmarks and attractions but I also try to make them capture the unique spirit of the country. It needs a desire to be created, to explore beyond the surface level, to taste the flavors and unearth the treasures that make this region so special. A mosaique that forms the rich tapestry thriving here.

Anne Sophie Kramer

With our extensive network of contacts, we guarantee a unique and engaging experience that provides an in-depth understanding of the rich history and vibrant future of the UAE region, and we also secure access to exclusive venues.  Dive into the cultural and artistic scene, discover the fascinating geography and history, and explore the dynamic architectural and urban development, both traditional and modern. We will strive to offer immersive visits to hidden gems.

Aside from our exploration services, we also provide insightful articles, papers and conferences on specific subjects or the latest news of the region.

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Anne Sophie Lozano partage ses bons plans sur les Emirats Arabes Unis

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